Business Unit TherapeutiX

NextGen monoclonal antibodies identified in the New Technology Business Unit are further developed for novel targeted therapies.
We evaluate different strategies using therapeutic antibodies, conjugated antibodies, or antibody derivatives with a major focus on CAR-T cell immunotherapy.


NextGenMonoclonals of the AVA-T Series

Humanized NextGenMonoclonals with high target specifity are selected for preclinical studies performed in collaboration with our partners.

For our first product AVA-T01 we analyze the therapeutic potential as well as the use of a radiolabelled conjugate.

In addition, for AVA-T01 we initiated a project aimed at the development of Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) modified T cells. Based on the high specific target binding structures of our antibody, we envision to developing precision-guided (PG) CAR T cells with similar target binding efficacies.