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AVA DiagnostiX

Novel therapies are targeted, customized and tailored to the needs of the patient. This  leads to an increased request for precision diagnostics. Today, diagnostic procedures no longer aim only at determining a disease, but at the same time determine therapy.

We solve this challenge by developing a sophisticated companion diagnostics (CDx) for leukemia. AVA DiagnostiX and AVA TherapeutiX work closely together for this.
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AVA-D NextGenMonoclonals™

In close collaboration with AVA NewTechnology, AVA DiagnostiX continues to develop AVA-NextGenMonoclonals™ with their excellent properties for use in diagnostics of leukemia and lymphoma. These tumor-specific, diagnostic-optimized antibodies are used to detect cancer cells. Also, they are designed in a modified form in AVA TherapeutiX as AVA-T NextGenMonoclonals™ for precision therapy.


With ApLife™, AVA LifeScience develops the new gold standard for flow cytometric diagnostics.
Based on synthetic particles that provide standards for each parameter used, ApLife™ is suitable for all flow cytometers and opens up breakthrough perspectives:

– Standardization
– Relative quantification
– Automation

ApLife™ is the next generation in leukemia diagnostics and meets modern diagnostic requirements.