AVA LifeScience Precision Medicine AVA LifeScience is a development company based in the BioMedRegion of Freiburg. Our goal is the development of efficient tools for precision medicine based on highly specific monoclonal antibodies.
We focus on the combination of efficient, therapy-oriented diagnostics with tailor-made therapeutic solutions.



AVA NewTechnology

Highest specificity with AVA-NextGenMonoclonals™

AVA LifeScience develops effective strategies for targeted therapies based on highly specific antibodies. The precise identification of tumor-specific structures using NextGenMonoclonals™ enables targeted therapy.

AVA DiagnostiX

Highest efficiency through immune profiling

AVA LifeScience develops ApLife™, the new gold standard for flow cytometric diagnostics of leukemias and lymphomas based on NextGenMonoclonals™.

AVA TherapeutiX

Highest efficiency through precision

We develop new strategies for targeted therapies and personalized medication with our pinpoint NextGenMonoclonals™.