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Marcus Dühren-von Minden
Managing Director/CSO
Marcus is a renowned specialist in the field of molecular immunology with a focus on the development of leukaemia and lymphoma.
Holger Klapproth
Holger is an expert in patenting and patent protection. He was head of the patent department at Genescan Europe AG and is an external strategy consultant and expert for prestigious international companies.
Philippe Haas
Philippe is a physician and physicist. In addition to his clinical experience, he has extensive know-how in the areas of research, technology scouting, as well as in business development and management. His focus lies on information and technology transfer and its implementation for novel technologies in healthcare.
Martin Becker
Head of New Technology
Martin is an expert in molecular immunology and genetic engineering. He has conducted research at world-leading institutions, focusing on haematological malignancies and cutting-edge technologies.
Nadja Höfs
Head of Marketing
Nadja is a virologist and an expert on marketing and communications. As former marketing director of a well-known international life science company, she has successfully established and built up the brand in Germany and Europe.
Sylvia Ritthaler
Head of QM
Sylvia is an expert in the field of quality assurance for medical laboratories and devices. Among other things, she possesses extensive knowledge in CAPA, risk analysis, and design control changes.